Feb 27 2017

G Matthews Chases Happiness in New Single

Aug 26 2016

Single COVER

Pop rock band, G Matthews, released her new single “Chasing Happy.” With a sensational voice that takes you on a passionate adventure, Matthews’ new single brings the desire of obtaining happiness to the limelight. The chase begins as G captivates her emotions when she sings “Don’t care how tired I get no, I’m incomplete without you here, right now I’m coming for you, I adore you, I won’t come back much, I’m chasing happy” over beating drums. G’s dynamic voice triumphs over pulsing drums and perfectly timed guitar hooks.

G reminds us that we run, fight, and sometimes even sing in hope of unveiling happiness when she sings “So if you’re real show yourself and let me have the one thing in my life that I’m missing…happiness.” You can continue chasing happy with Matthews by downloading the single on iTunes.

Kate Brown Pours Her Heart Out In Water From Ashes

Jul 19 2016


Folk singer-songwriter, Kate Brown, released her new EP, Water From Ashes. A vivid and emotional journey, the EP focuses on the idea of moving forward despite connections to the past. This theme is highlighted from the first song of the EP, “Cartwheel,” in which Brown sings, “I’m on a mission to stay in motion like a cartwheel” above a sharp, locomotive guitar track. Brown’s powerful vocals soar above expressive and distinct guitar hooks to create an EP of masterpieces.

Tracks like “Damned Ol Jesus” emphasize Brown’s unique storytelling talents, while tracks like “Weepin’” showcase how her grit and vulnerability can effortlessly combine. Brown’s stirring single, “6 Shots,” which captured the attention of Vents Magazine, Middle Tennessee Music, and NeuFutur Magazine, is also featured on the album. You can download Water From Ashes on iTunes now.

Check out a live version of the lead single, “6 Shots.”


Heiress To Atlas Flare Up With New EP

Jul 8 2016


Electronic pop duo, Heiress to Atlas, released their debut EP, Spark. Filled with vivid and contemplative anthems, the EP shines with intoxicating hooks and explosive beats. Consisting of Australian singer Vidya Sethu and New York producer Marc Thomas, Heiress to Atlas both wrote and produced their first effort. Spark tells the story of a love that could have been, while featuring a fierce and strong protagonist. Kicking off with previously released single, “Alien Boy,” the pair establishes the mood for the EP with swirling melodies and a dynamic bass line. Tracks like “Bullet” highlight Sethu’s reflective nature towards past lovers, while “Blaze” serves as an inspiration to not let fear win and to take life head on.

The band has garnered attention from tastemakers and magazines with their dynamic hooks and beats. Download Spark now available on iTunes now.

Melody Federer’s Vulnerable Voyage in “Standing”

Jun 17 2016

Singer-songwriter, Melody Federer released her latest single, “Standing,” a raw and emotional masterpiece. Federer’s powerful vocals seize your attention as they rise above a haunting guitar and violin line. With a passionate declaration of love despite difficulties, “Standing” showcases the most intimate parts of Federer’s life. The folk-tinged ballad […] Continue Reading…

Diana Ebe Drops Breathtaking EP

Jun 10 2016


Swedish indie-pop artist, Diana Ebe, released her debut EP, Elusive Pleasure. Ebe seizes attention with evocative vocals and reflective lyrics about love and loss. The EP launches into motion with “Bold,” an introspective, haunting song in which Ebe repeats, “I failed you twice, we weren’t bold enough for love.” The […] Continue Reading…

Ramonda Hammer Drops Debut Angst-Ridden Album

Apr 29 2016

Grunge-pop band, Ramonda Hammer, released their debut album, Whatever That Means. As a raw expression of angst, frustration, and love, the album is filled with heavy hooks and blaring vocals. Produced by front woman, Devin Davis, and engineered by Morgan Stratton, a Grammy Nominee at Sunset Sound, the album is […] Continue Reading…

Heiress To Atlas Drop Explosive “Bullet”

Apr 22 2016

Building upon the beat-driven and playful craft of their breakout single, “Alien Boy,” Heiress to Atlas shows a more spirited side to their music with “Bullet”. The track hits the ground running with sharp percussion and lively synths that pulse like ammunition firing from a pistol. The cutting, upbeat […] Continue Reading…

Smoke Season Drops Ouroboros

Apr 15 2016

Indie/alternative duo, Smoke Season release their latest EP, Ouroboros, a lush and cinematic masterpiece. As their most ambitious and fully realized work yet, the EP is a sonic landscape of breathtaking beauty. Packed with Jason Rosen’s ethereal and gorgeous affected guitar work with Gabrielle Wortman’s haunting and beautiful vocals. […] Continue Reading…

Diana Ebe’s Emotional Escape in “Elusive Pleasure”

Apr 14 2016

Indie pop artist, Diana Ebe released her latest single, “Elusive Pleasure,” a beautiful track contemplating the end of an era, finding closure in accepting it. Beginning with a single harmonic line, Ebe’s entrancing and haunting vocals immediately navigate the song down a mystic soundscape of ambiguity. As Ebe’s evocative […] Continue Reading…